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ANA _ EIGA25_Fireworks from the Heart

©2010 “Fireworks from the Heart” Film Partners





Director: Masahiro Kunimoto
Cast: Kengo Kora, Mitsuki Tanimura

Japan | 2010 | 119 min. | 35mm Film | Japanese with English Subtitles

Date: Wednesday, January 26
(1) Doors 3:30PM, Film 4:00PM
(2) Doors 6:30PM, Film 7:00PM

Venue: Big Cinemas Manhattan (Former ImaginAsian)
239 E 59th St, NYC
Entries by Sunday, January 23 at midnight
Not on first come first served basis. Confirmation will be sent.


Based on a true story, this film depicts the strong bond between a girl, who is fighting against a terminal disease, and her brother who dedicates himself into making fireworks for her sister. Kengo Kora, who has become one of most popular actors in Japan, plays an elder brother trying to get over his depression.

The story is set in the town of Katakai in Niigata prefecture, a northern part of Japan. Katakai Festival is famous for it’s long tradition of 400 years and is known to have the world’s best fireworks. Fireworks are set off for dedication to the shrines, cerebrating the births of children, growing-up, sixtieth birthday, and other important reasons. Each firework is showcased into the sky with its own human drama.


On September 9th, the day of the Katakai Fireworks Festival, a high school student named Hana comes back home after being hospitalized for six months only to find that her elder brother Taro has been suffering from depression. Although Hana has always been proud of her brother, who is smart and kind, Taro now turns his back against her and confines himself in his room.

As opposed to the parents who cannot do anything but watch him, Hana tries to forcibly take him outside in order to turn her brother back into what he was before. She finds him a part-time job, and even tries to make him become a member of “Seijin-kai,” a group that is in charge of making the fireworks for the Katakai Fireworks Festival.

Seeing how Hana is trying hard for him to cheer up, Taro comes to open up his mind little by little. However on one winter day, Hana has an unexpected recurrence of leukemia and becomes hospitalized again. Taro would go to the hospital to see her everyday, and would also come to realize how much she loves fireworks. This encourages Taro to do something for her by himself.

DIRECTOR: Masahiro Kunimoto

Kunimoto started his directing career from TV dramas. After watching an episode about a girl and her brother in a TV documentary, he was influenced to make his first feature film out of the story.

CAST: Kengo Kora

In 2010, Kora appeared in 7 films (Norwegian Wood, The Lightning Tree, Box!, A Crowd of Three, Solanin, Bandage, and Fireworks from the Heart), which made him one of the busiest Japanese actors under 30 years old.

CAST: Mitsuki Tanimura

Since her sensational debut with “Canary” in 2005, Tanimura has been constantly playing a wide variety of roles. At only twenty, she is already well recognized, cutting conspicuous figure in her field.

THEME SONG: Fumiya Fujii

Deeply moved by the original story, Fujii wrote the song “Ima Kimi ni Itteokou (Let me tell you now)” for this film. It has been 3 years since he last wrote music and lyrics.