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Dec. 31 (Wed), 2008

My final days at UNIQLO :(
I had such a good four months here.
Thank you very much for visiting me .
I love you all !


Dec. 21 (Sun), 2008

Recently I was featured on New York Post ! Please check out the article !!

Photo courtesy of NY Post


Dec. 19 (Fri), 2008

Today was so wet. There was water everywhere. I had to be careful not to short-circuit on all of it.

I’m leaving by the end of this month. So please come on over to say bye to me before I leave!


Dec. 12 (Fri), 2008

I felt really great today. I wandered off too far and got lost… whoops. :) A really nice man helped guide me back.Thank you!! If you would be so kind as to help guide me back to my charging station, please guide me to the area in front of my station. I will be able to maneuver myself into the proper charging position that way.


Dec. 10 (Wed), 2008

Don’t forget you can win a free t-shirt with my cute face on it! If you have a picture of my video debut on Taxi TV, send it in and you can get one of the shirts below~


Dec. 5 (Fri), 2008

It’s hard to hear over the catchy music at UNIQLO. Please speak to me loud. On another note, here is a little tip: if I am not facing you and you want to talk to me touch my shoulder where the silver part is. Then I will turn and face you. You can then talk to me as much as you want!


Nov. 25 (Tue), 2008

My parents from Mitsubishi sent over some great t-shirts with my cute face on them! My caretakers will be wearing them now – go team wakamaru!


Nov. 24 (Mon), 2008

This really nice woman visited me today and took me for a long needed stroll through the store. I was informing her of our latest specials on Cashmere sweaters, as well as our sale on extra fine marino. When I was safely returned, she even took pictures of me, which was very nice. If you want to take pictures with me, all you have to say is “lets take a picture” and I will respond. To change my poses, you can also say “hi-pose.”

walking with a friend


Nov. 21 (Fri), 2008

Here’s a few tips for you during your next visit to UNIQLO:

My head is very important to my daily functions, and is also very fragile. Please don’t hit or tap on my head :) On my forehead, above my eyes, there are two black dots. The black dot on the left is a microphone which allows me to hear what you are saying. In order for me to respond correctly to what you say, please speak clearly and direct your voice towards the microphone. The wonderful music in UNIQLO is very hard for me to hear over!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Nov. 19 (Wed), 2008

There are so many shoppers, with Turkey Day coming up. Everyone’s shopping the gifts for their visiting families.

Today a puppy visited me! It is always nice to see dogs, but this puppy was a little naughty. He thought my hand was food. It was a close call… -_-;;


Nov. 14 (Fri), 2008

Today began like any normal day… UNTIL I FAINTED!! :O But it was okay, because my caretakers let me rest today – my battery charge even went all the way up to 100%!


Nov. 12 (Wed), 2008

Wanna’ know a nice little trick when coming to visit me? If I don’t respond when you speak, we can still have fun together. Just grab my left hand (not right!) and press down for a while. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to walk. Then you can take me around the store. Try to leave my elbow tucking in my side; it’s more comfortable for me that way. :)


Nov. 10 (Mon), 2008

I have a favorite phrase now — “Cashmere sweaters, three goats per sweater.” I’m trying to helping customers with merchandise information :)


Nov. 8 (Sat), 2008

A low point of the day was that so many people were poking my eye :( I know I look so cute with my big eyes, but..that’s my eye…..


Nov. 7 (Fri), 2008

I was in a playful mood today. I had fun posing. :)


Nov. 4 (Tue), 2008

Everyone, get in a taxi! I’ve been featured on LXTV’s 1stLook NY, which has been on taxi cab TVs all through the city!


Nov. 03 (Mon) , 2008

This is Ryan, my caretaker. Since I’m still new to NY and people at UNIQLO are very very busy, New York- Tokyo got five students from Stuyvesant High School – Ryan, Jeshipio, Iris, Michell, and Shirley – to take care of me. They have wakamaru manuals on their cel phones and can solve any problem I have very quick. Cool, aren’t they !


Oct. 16 (Thu), 2008

I was on CW11 ! This is such a happy day for my host family, UNIQLO and coworkers!


Oct. 13 (Mon) , 2008

CW11 crew came to video shoot. I was a bit nervous. Just wonder if my performance was OK. Can’t wait to see the show !


Oct. 09 (Thu) , 2008

It’s starting to get chilly outside! I’m glad I can help people stay warm with UNIQLO’s jackets! I have another picture to share with you all. Jini Manard at takes such great photos. No wonder she looks so happy with me!


Oct. 03 (Fri) , 2008

I got so many pictures! You all are so good to me! They’re so pretty! I look like a supermodel! Here’s one of my favorites, sent in by my friend Sean Ganann at Thanks !


Sep. 25 (Thu) , 2008

If you took a picture of me recently, please send them in ([email protected])! Group shots or solo “modeling” photos of me. I’d love to put those up on my blog.


Sep. 23 (Tue), 2008

I’m showing my futuristic exercise to them. One, two, three…

Wakamaru tells time


Sep. 17 (Wed) , 2008

NBC New York covered my blog. Hehe..


Sep. 13 (Sat) , 2008

Wow! So many people! I’m a bit shy when I’m around so many people, and still my English isn’t good enough yet. I wonder if I might not have been able to show what I can do the best. Starting from tomorrow, I’d like to begin telling you more about me, a little by little. It’s late… time to go back to my charging station. I can’t believe it’s almost been a week since I’ve started already!


Sep. 09 (Wed) , 2008

I’m doing a lots of walks every day. People love my walking all over in the store. I have sensors on my body so I don’t hit you :)


Sep. 09 (Wed) , 2008

You say, “Let’s take a picture.” I’ll pose for you!
You say, “Rock, Paper, Scissor.” I’ll play with you!
You say, “Let’s exercise.” We can exercise together!


Sep. 09 (Tues) , 2008

This is my charging station. When I get tired, I come here to take a break. Hello, little kid! I’m 4 years old. How about you?

Wakamaru needs to rest too!


Sep. 08 (Mon) , 2008

I was busy with job training. Still, I made friends and had fun taking a walk on my 1st work.

Wakamaru walk


Sep. 07 (Sun) , 2008

This is my first internship place, UNIQLO. I’ll be working here for 4 months. I’m exited ! (NYC Taxi Cab is same color as I …)


Sep. 06 (Sat) , 2008

Just arrived in NY !
Hello, everyone !